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Getting Paid by PayPal / Venmo as an Official

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Last updated: 13 Oct, 2021
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  1. You need to specify how you want to be paid.
    • If you have not previously configured your account, you will see a notice on your home page indicating that no PayPal/Venmo account information was found for your account. Additionally, if you have an assignment with a school/team that pays using this service, this reminder will indicate how many games you currently have for such schools/districts. If you do not see such a reminder, you've already signed up for the service.
  2. On your game schedule, the comment column will indicate if the game will be paid by PayPal / Venmo with the following symbol
  3. By your name on the schedule, you'll see how you have signed up to be paid:
    •  - Not signed up
    •  - Signed up with Venmo
    •  - Signed up with PayPal

Assignors can see this signup status for all officials on the relevant games.

When a payment is made, RefTown will send you an email with the details of the payment...the game(s), the amounts, etc.

Once you receive the money in your PayPal or Venmo account, you can spend in from that account using a variety of options including debit cards issued by PayPal or Venmo or you can have the money moved to your bank account whenever you like. 

To sign up for PayPal or Venmo, you must first have your PayPal or Venmo ID (email address or phone number) listed as on your RefTown profile's email address or cell phone number fields. Once you have the email address or phone number entered in your profile as an email address or phone number, you will then be able to choose that number/email as the PayPal/Venmo account ID.

To make any of these changes to your profile, click your name in the top right corner and then click "Profile". On the Profile page, you'll find all of the necessary links to update your phone numbers, emails, or PayPal/Venmo preferences.

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