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PayPal / Venmo Payouts
PayPal / Venmo Payouts Overview
RefTown integrates with PayPal's Payouts service to offer a fast and inexpensive option for paying...
12 Aug, 2021 Views: 0
Electronic Payments / PayPal-Venmo
RefTown, in combination with PayPal, offers an optional payment service that is integrated with...
30 Aug, 2021 Views: 0
PayPal-Venmo Payouts Setup (part 1)
RefTown integrates with a PayPal service called Payouts. It allows immediate payments to PayPal or...
20 Dec, 2020 Views: 0
PayPal-Venmo Payouts Setup (part 2)
This page includes the instructions on configuring your PayPal account to communicate with...
30 Aug, 2021 Views: 0
Getting Paid by PayPal / Venmo as an Official
You need to specify how you want to be paid. If you have not previously configured your...
13 Oct, 2021 Views: 0
Making sure games are correctly entered so that your officials can get paid by PayPal/Venmo
You must have the RefTown system configured to know how much each official should be paid for...
26 Aug, 2021 Views: 0

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