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What is RefTown?
An overview of some of RefTown's features
RefTown will revolutionize the way you do business  We service multiple...
02 Mar, 2015 Views: 2834
RefTown Game and Assignment Related Features
Game & Assignment Entry with extensive management and communication features Highly...
03 Mar, 2015 Views: 650
RefTown Directory Features
Directory of Officials Designate officials as eligible to work in specific zone, for...
02 Mar, 2015 Views: 600
RefTown Financial Features
 Game/Assignment-based Invoice generation for officials and schools/teams. ...
02 Mar, 2015 Views: 467
RefTown Information Distribution and Collection Functions
 Document/File Library Post documents or other files such as videos Post...
02 Mar, 2015 Views: 489
RefTown Additional Functions and Services
 In addition to RefTown primary (game and game assignment) function and secondary (general...
03 Mar, 2015 Views: 446
What do I need to begin using RefTown?
All you need to do to start using RefTown is provide an organization name, abbreviation, at least...
02 Apr, 2015 Views: 2951
How much does RefTown cost?
BASE SUBSCRIPTION $75 plus $5 per official up to 300 officials in blocks of 10 ($50 for...
08 Mar, 2024 Views: 5131

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