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Association Maintenance
About archives, Creating Archives, and Deleting Archives
Archives contain a frozen snapshot of an organization's data allowing a user to view the...
23 Mar, 2018 Views: 1757
How does the RefTown registration process work?
The RefTown registration function can be utilized to both register new members to your...
22 Jun, 2010 Views: 1438
Using the Meeting/Event Calendar
The meeting event calendar can be used to post organization meetings, training, and various events...
10 Jul, 2020 Views: 1424
Remote Self Check-In
Remote Self Check-In is a way to verify attendance in remote/teleconference meetings using...
10 Jul, 2020 Views: 0
On-Site / Location-Based Self Check-In
On-Site / Location-Based Self Check-In is a feature that allows officials to check themselves in...
10 Jul, 2020 Views: 0

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