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What options are there in selecting recipients for emails?
There is a large set of options for addressing the email to various groups of people affiliated...
22 Jun, 2010 Views: 1635
Can I define custom lists of email recipients?
Yes. Under the same interface used to grant and manage access permissions, you can also define...
19 Sep, 2017 Views: 2394
What delivery options are there in composing the email?
Under "More Send Options," the following options exist in selecting how an email is...
22 Jun, 2010 Views: 1698
What if, while composing an email, my browser crashes or I make a mistake that deletes everything?
Normally, if you navigate away from the email composition page, your work will be lost. However,...
22 Jun, 2010 Views: 1182
Sending Email to Officials, Coaches, Athletic Directors, etc.
All users can use the built in email function to email others listed on the various rosters in...
21 Apr, 2021 Views: 0

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