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How do I grant an official extra access permissions?

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Last updated: 11 Jul, 2023
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There are two ways to manage the extra access permissions for officials:

  1. From the officials roster, click on the "More..." menu by the desired officials then click Permissions/Groups ().
  2. Under the Administration menu, select "Permissions"

Once on this page, you can add/remove officials from the various groups.

If you entered through the group symbol for a specific official, you'll have direct access to remove that official from any of the groups the official is already part of.

If you entered through the "Permissions" menu item, you'll have a list of groups and can manage additions and subtractions for all.

Note that "inactive" or "disabled" officials can not be added to a group. However, officials previously part of a group remain part of that group even if made inactive. If updates are made to such a group after one of the officials is made in active, that official will then lose his/her access to that group.

To add an official to a permissions group:

  1. Go to Admin -> Permissions
  2. For the group you wish to add the official to, click 
  3. Choose the name form the dropdown list
  4. Click Save Changes

If the newly added official is already logged in, they must logout and log in again to activate any new permissions. (Switching accounts for those that multiple accounts does the same thing).

Using Extra Permissions

Note that any extra permissions are not activated when a user is logged in automatically by way of the "Keep Me Logged In" option. They can still use that option but will only have basic level official permissions while doing so.This will be indicated by the presence of a warning triangle by the user's name in the top right: 

To access any extra permissions when using the "Keep Me Logged In" option, a user must complete a "Full Login" by clicking their name in top right corner (or the yellow warning triangle") and provide their password.

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