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Using "Plus Codes" to help officials find gym/field entrances

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Last updated: 31 Jul, 2022
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Plus codes are a location identifier that can be used to mark a very specific location far more precisely than an address. You can use them to indicate a specific entrance to a facility to help officials locate where they need to go.

Once added to Reftown, there will be a plus code symbol by the address of the location. It looks like this:

To add a plus to to a location (assuming you already have an address for the location.

  1. Find the location in the Reftown directory.
  2. Click on the address.
  3. Choose "Google Maps"
  4. Locate the preferred entrance
    • It may be helpful to turn on satellite view by clicking the "layers" button at the bottom left...then zooming/panning as needed to locate the entrance.
  5. At the point of the preferred entrance, click your right mouse, then left click on the latitude and longitude (top of the list).
    • This automatically copies the latitude and longitude into your clipboard
  6. In a new window, go to
  7. At the top of the new window, paste the latitude and longitude that you copied in step 5 (Control-V or right mouse and select the paste option in the context menu).
  8. Press Enter
    • The map will update to show a small reddish box indicating your preferred location
  9. Highlight the code as that appears at the bottom of the screen.
    • It will look something like this: 86CQ2FXX+F2
  10. Copy the code by pressing Control-C (or right mouse and choose copy)
  11. Return to Reftown
  12. Check the box for the location and then click edit (shortcut...double click the area of the box for a quick edit)
  13. Paste the code into the box for "Plus Code"
  14. Click "Update".

Done! Now, when a user clicks on the plus code symbol, it will show them the location of that exact entrance...they can even navigate to that point.

Repeat for other locations as necessary.

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