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Transfer School/Team Contact Account to New Person (for AD's, Athletic Assistance, Secretaries, Coaches, etc.)

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Last updated: 16 May, 2022
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As a school/team contact (Athletic Director, Athletic Assistant, Athletic Secretary, Coach, etc.), you may need to transfer your account to a new person. If you are the owner of the account for your school/team, you can update your profile information to transfer the account to the new person. Depending on the nature of the transition, this can be done in one of a few ways.

Will the two individuals overlap in their time of service or will there be complete transition all at once? Is the current account holder still available?

Current Contact Present:

This procedure can update the information for ALL connected accounts (those with the same email address as used to log in to this session) in one pass.

  1. Log In

  2. Click on your name in the top right corner.

  3. Click Profile.

  4. Under the school section, enter the Phone & Email sections and update the general information for the school if needed.

  5. Under the individual section enter the Name, Address, Phone, Email sections and update the info for the new contact. Note, do Email last as that ultimately moves the account to the new person.

NOTE: In the section for “Apply Changes to…” for each type of information, uncheck the any box for accounts you do not wish to change....typically, all boxes are left checked.

Allow Access to Both for a Period of Time

  1. Change some or all of the information above to the new person but keep BOTH email addresses in the Individual Email section.

    • Anyone that has an email address there can log into that account. If both emails are kept, both individuals will be able to log in.

    • The newly added person may need to request a password if they do not already have one.

  2. When the outgoing contact is no longer involved, either person can repeat the above process changing any remaining information and removing the old contact's email address.

Current Contact No Longer Present:

Contact the assignor/administrator for each of your organizations   and request that they move the current account to your name. If they merely change the email address, you can then log in with that information and follow the steps above to change the rest of the information.

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