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Are there printable versions of pages?
For most pages, there will be a printer icon  at the right end of the menu bar. Clicking it...
16 Apr, 2013 Views: 1921
How can I transfer Games, Meetings, or Events to my personal calendaring program such as Outlook, Google Calendar, or other calendaring application?
Below are the instructions for transferring games, meetings, or events from RefTown to your...
05 Aug, 2022 Views: 3111
What Browsers are supported?
Supported Browsers Browser ...
03 Nov, 2010 Views: 1682
How to configure your computer to use an installed application when you click on an email address or email icon.
When you click on an email address on RefTown, you should be taken to your personal email program...
03 Nov, 2010 Views: 1647
How can I subscribe to a calendar feed (iCal/ics) of my assignments and/or meetings and events?
To subscribe to a RefTown calendar feed in the iCal/ics format in another application you wil need...
29 Dec, 2022 Views: 8637
Accessing Archived Information
Archives contain a frozen snapshot of an organization's data. Archives allow a user to view the...
23 Mar, 2018 Views: 0
Transfer School/Team Contact Account to New Person (for AD's, Athletic Assistance, Secretaries, Coaches, etc.)
As a school/team contact (Athletic Director, Athletic Assistant, Athletic Secretary, Coach, etc.),...
16 May, 2022 Views: 0
Using your phone/tablet for on-site meeting check-in
Reftown has a function available to organizations that allow people to check themselves into an...
05 Nov, 2022 Views: 0

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