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On-Site / Location-Based Self Check-In

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Last updated: 10 Jul, 2020
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On-Site / Location-Based Self Check-In is a feature that allows officials to check themselves in to a meeting/event based on their location as determined by the location functionality in a phone, tablet, or other device.


  1. Go Schedules -> Meetings/Events

  2. Click the + to add a new meeting or select an existing meeting and click the edit button.

  3. Set up the meeting details (date, time, etc.) as desired

  4. Under the “Location-Based Self Check-In” section

    1. Click the enable box

    2. Enter how close a person must be to the designated check-in spot to be counted as present.
      • Note that indoor locations can be less precise and you may need to allow a larger range.
    3. Specify how early (in minutes before the scheduled meeting start time) an official is permitted to check-in.

    4. Specify how late (in minutes after the scheduled meeting start time) an official is permitted to check-in.

    5. You can pre-enter check-in location's latitude and longitude OR and administrator can, when you arrive at the location, click a button on the meeting check-in window to establish the check-in spot.

  5. Click Update


  1. If not pre-configured, an administrator, while at the preferred check-in location, clicks a button that says “Set Location” to define the latitude and longitude of check-in spot.

    • Ideally, this should be done on a device with GPS functionality at a location where the device is receiving a GPS signal.

  2. Each official logs into RefTown.

  3. On the home page will be a button that says “Check-In”.

    • If the official clicks the check-in button before check-in window closes while close enough to the designated check-in location, the system records their presence for that check-in.


The on-site check-in directly records an official as present for the meeting. There is no additional action needed by an administrator. However, an administrator may revise the attendance information as needed.


  • GPS locations work best outdoors.
  • GPS locations my be impossible deep inside some buildings, particularly schools or in lower floors of multi-story buildings.
  • The GPS location may be possible near a door/window.
  • Sometimes, Wi-Fi can be used to identify a location in absence of a GPS lock. You may have to test this out. It is a case-by-case situation.
  • A GPS location last obtained by a device before entering a building can still be considered valid for the check-in for several minutes after losing the GPS signal....allowing a person to enter a building and still check-in for a while after losing the signal.

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