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Obtaining a Bing Maps Key

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Last updated: 18 Aug, 2023
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Logging Into a Bing Maps Portal Account

  1. Go to the Bing Maps Portal
  2. If you do not have a Microsoft Account,
    • click the Create One link.
      • Fill out the form to create an account with Microsoft
  3. If you have a Microsoft Account
    • Enter your Email/Phone/SkypeID
    • click "Next"
    • Enter your Password
    • Click "Sign In"
  4. After signing into the Bing Maps Portal, you may be asked some questions regarding the name of your organization. 

Creating a Bing Maps Portal Key

After logging into the Bing account as described above, execute the following steps to create your Bing Maps key.

  1. Click on My Account -> My Keys
  2. Click the link for creating a new key at the top of the page.
  3. Enter an "Application Name"....typically the name of your organization, e.g., "XYZOA - Reftown"
  4. Enter an "Application URL" :
  5. For Key Type: Choose  Basic
  6. For the Application Type, choose the one that most accurately fits your organization, often Not-for-profit but possibly Private Website or Public Website

Applying the Key for Use on Reftown.

After creating the key on the Bing Maps Portal, you will then need to copy the key and paste it into the Reftown configuration pages.

  1. First, go to the Bing Portal Key pages as mentioned above.
  2. Copy the key by selecting the entire key and pressing Ctrl-C
  3. Navigate, on Reftown, to Admin -> Configuration, ASSIGNMENTS, Limits
  4. Paste the key copied above into the setting called "Bing Maps Key for Precise Driving Distance"
  5. Click Update
Also listed in
folder Administrator Guide -> Finances -> Travel / Mileage

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