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How to configure your computer to use an installed application when you click on an email address or email icon.

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Last updated: 03 Nov, 2010
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When you click on an email address on RefTown, you should be taken to your personal email program if it is properly configured and email links are supported by your email program.

On Windows XP, Vista, and 7, you can set the default email program in the Internet Options dialog box.

Open Internet Explorer and click the Tools menu, choose Internet Options. Click Programs tab and select your email client from the drop-down list. Once selected, click OK button and close the dialog. If you do not see your email program listed, you may need to contact support for that program for information on how to make it your default email client.

Note that you will require an Administrator-level account to change the default email client as this is a system-wide setting.

For instruction on configuring GMail to be your default client, see

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