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Making Assignments
What reports are available regarding officials availability?
Availability information is entered through "Schedules" -> "Availability" ...
21 Jun, 2010 Views: 1747
How do you change the response of an official to an assignment?
Only assignors can change the response to an assignment once it is submitted. To do so: Click...
16 Apr, 2013 Views: 1975
How is driving distance calculated?
Driving distance is an approximation based on the address or zip code of the game site and the...
02 Nov, 2018 Views: 2664
How do I manage ratings for officials?
There are two ways to edit the ratings for officials....individualy or for you entire group. To...
06 Nov, 2017 Views: 1389
Can on official see assignments before they are published?
By default, game assignments are not visible in any form until they are published. However, an...
16 Oct, 2016 Views: 0

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