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Managing Official's Sports, Zones, and/or Duties.

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Last updated: 11 Aug, 2021
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When the option to tag officials with Sports/Zones/Duties is enabled, you can manage these items in a couple of ways.

The first option is to edit selected officials from the directory.


  1. From the officials directory, click the checkbox for the subject official(s)
  2. Click one of the following buttons to edit, respectively, sports, zones, or duties:


  1. On the page that opens, check the boxes for each official as desired.
  2. Click Save Changes

The next option is to edit blocks of officials or all officials at one time.


  1. From the officials directory, click on Quick Links -> Edit All Officials, then choose either Sports, Zones, or Duties.
  2. This will open the same type of page described above with checkboxes for each official for each Sport, Zone, or Duty.
  3. Check the boxes as desired.
  4. Click Save Changes

Both of these paths ultimately do the same thing but target different groups of officials.

On the page to edit the Sports for officials, you'll also have an option to specify a different membership level for each official for each sport.

On the pages to edit the Sports/Zones/Duties, you will find several aids that may expedite the configuration. At the top of each column, you'll will find a check-all and a clear-all button. Selecting one of those will check (or clear) all of the boxes in that column. Similarly, in each row (for each official) will be the same pair of buttons. With those, you can check (or clear) all Sports/Zones/Duties for that official. This can make it a lot quicker if an official need to have all (or most) items checked.

At the top of this page will be some controls that will allow you to show a list of officials that do not have any Sport/Zone/Duty specified without having to search through the lists.

Also at the top of the page will be controls to show either blocks of 25 officials or the entire roster. For very large rosters, the page can become quite unwieldy when the entire roster is shown with multiple sports/zones/duties.

Uniquely for duties is an option to declare one or more duties as universal. This simplifies the configuration when there may be some duties that every official is qualified for. The designation of "universal duty" is done on the duty configuration. That option only appears when the option to specify specific duties is enabled. 

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