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Last updated: 02 Mar, 2015
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  •  Document/File Library
    • Post documents or other files such as videos
    • Post links to external sites
    • Control which groups of people can access the documents/files
    • Organization into folds for convenient organization and management
  • Customizable Forms
    • Multiple Types
      • Registration
      • Evaluation/Observation
        • Either linked with games or generic
        • Tools to track games where forms have or have not been submitted
      • Ejection
      • Applications
      • General Feedback
    • All types allow for customizable content 
    • Options to control who can access each form
    • Options to control who receives  email copies of forms and who can view submitted forms
    • Exportable to Excel for detailed analysis
  • Ballot System
    • Can be used for multiple purposes
      • Board elections
    • Supports organization operations by providing a mechanism for voting on different types of things
      • Yes/No
      • Favor/Oppose
      • Lists of Officials (with optional photo-ballot with photos drawn from the roster)
      • Numeric answers
      • Generic lists of choices
      • Text Entries (write-in)
    •  Supports multiple vote formats
      • Select many (within a minimum and maximum number)
      • Ranked lists with Instant-Runoff vote tabulation 
        • For elections where a majority is required to win
      • Ranked lists with point-based rankings
    • Can specify eligible voters in multiple ways
      • All officials/schools
      • Officials/Schools by certain characteristics such as level
      • Specific Officials/Schools
    • Rotates answer order for fairness when there are a large number of candidates....officials with last names starting with Z not always at the end.
    • Option to block votes for self
    • Options to allow candidates to post statements on the ballot
    • Vote reminder tools that provide instructions on how to vote including direct, password-free, access to the ballots for school/teams
    • Ability to export and import lists of questions
    • Options to control when and how much detail is visible to administrators
      • Individual ballots are secret but administrators can choose to see a list of submitters and a list of non-submitters
      • Administrator can choose to see the results as ballots are case or only when the balloting closes
      • The settings for these options are posted on the ballot and can not be changed once the ballot opens
    • Options to control how the results are released to the votes
      • Immediately upon close
      • Only when "Approved"
      • Never
    • Options to control how many times a person can submit an entry
    • Can optionally send confirmation to submitter with or without actual details of submission
  • Signups/Surveys
    • Very similar to ballot system but results are not secret...administrators can see results throughout
    • Useful for things like
      • Banquet or other organization event signups
      • Gethering feedback from membership on various topics
  • Exams/Quizzes
    • Also very similar to ballot system and the signup/survey system. Results are not secret...administrators can see results throughout
    • Adds ability to randomize question order
    • Adds ability to impose a time limit
    • Allows entry of answer key
      • Automatic scoring with programmable pass/fail levels
    • Useful for things like
      • Certification testing
      • Refresher quizzes
  • Ask the Ref function
    • Publicly visible function to allow people (officials, coaches, or even the public) to ask questions
    • Questions must be approved before they are visible to the public
    • Designated individual manage content
  • News Log
    • Feature that allows the posting of headlines that are to appear on the organization's home page
    • Articles are dated and fall off the home page automatically after a few weeks but are still accessible on the New specific page
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