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Last updated: 13 May, 2020
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On RefTown, you will generally have only one login username/password no matter how many organizations you are part of. When you log in, RefTown will automatically identify all accounts you have access to by searching all rosters for the email address associated with your login credentials.  

Logging into RefTown: 

  1. Go to
  2. In the login box on the right side of the home page, enter your username and password
  3. Click the "Login" Button just below the username and password boxes

You will now be logged into RefTown. Note the red box at the top and near the right that lists your name and the currently active account.

Moving between accounts/associations/sports/schools: 

  1. Click the red box at the top and near the right that lists your name and the currently active account
    • It will open a list of all accounts that are linked to the currently active account
  2. Locate the association/school you want to access
  3. Click anywhere in the row of the desired account to jump to that account.

RefTown will also remember the last selected account and will select that account first upon your next login, usually taking you directly to one of your in-season sports.

If you are affiliated with multiple organizations and do not see all of them in your accounts list, the email addresses on the accounts are not the same. You can "link" them together by updating your email addresses to match (or by having any administrator do so on your behalf).


Changing your Contact Information (address, email address, phone, etc.): 

  1.  Log In.
  2. Locate and click on your name in the menu bar at the top of the page (in a red box).
  3. Click "Profile..." (in a red box).
  4. Click the desired category.
  5. Make any necessary changes and click update.
  6. Select the organizations that your wish to save these changes to...this allows you to make the same change to all of your accounts at one time.
  7. Click "Update This Item"

Note: If you change your email address, it may cause a new username and password to be generated and emailed to you depending on various security criteria. An existing username will remain with the old email address as long as some account still lists that username.


Viewing your games: 

After Logging in, you have a several ways to get to your games. A few of them are:

  1. From the home page, locate your next few games listing in the middle of the page
    • Click "See full schedule" to see all of your future games that are in the system
    • Click "Unaccepted Games" to see any future games that you've not previously confirmed (or that have since been changed)
  2. Click the menu "Schedules" -> "Games" ... this will list all future games that have been entered into the system

You can optionally use the "Search for Games" filter on the games page to refine the listing of games to only show one subset of games (V, JV, etc) at a time.

Confirming your games: 

Once you've reached a listing of your games, you' may need to accept/approve the games/assignments:

  1. Check either "Yes," "No," or "OK" by each game as is appropriate.
    • If "No", enter a reason why.
    • Recommended for Schools/Teams when the organization has the feature enabled: For those that are not OK, enter a "Change Request" to specify what exactly is incorrect.
  2. Once you've responded to all games, click the "Submit Responses" button at the bottom right
    • Note that it is not absolutely necessary that you response to "all" games at the same time. If you choose, you can deal with them in multiple sessions.

After submitting, you'll be taken to a page that will summarize your responses and, depending on the organization's configuration options, an email will be sent to the assignor(s) with the details of the responses.


Changing your Username: 

After logging in:

  1. Click the red box at the top and near the right that lists your name.
  2. Click "Profile..."
  3. Click "Change Username"
  4. Enter your preferred username
  5. Click the "Change My Username" button

If the entered username is available, it will be changed immediately; otherwise, you'll be informed that it is not available.

Changing your Password: 

After logging in:

  1. Click the red box at the top and near the right that lists your name and the currently active account
  2. Click "Profile...".
  3. Click "Change Password".
  4. Enter your current password.
  5. Enter your preferred password.
  6. Enter your preferred password again.
  7. Click the "Change My Password" button.


Officials will need to update several more pieces of information.


  • There are many more articles in our Knowledge Base that may be helpful to you.

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