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SETUP: Finance: Advanced

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Last updated: 20 Aug, 2019
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The configuration for officials and schools finances are completely separate. However, they work the same in nearly every aspect.

Under Admin -> Configuration - Fiances, then Advanced Invoice Options, there are several general options that affect how the overall feature works.

Safety Overrides

  • Zero Fee
    • By default, the invoice generation process ensures that amounts entered in the game fee table are not zero. To override this check, select Allow Officials/Schools Fees to be Entered as Zero.  When this is checked, you must manually ensure that any game fee entered as zero is what you intend
  • Zero Distance
    • By default, the invoice generation process ensures that, when mileage is enabled, amounts entered for mileage to locations are not zero. To override this check, select Allow Zero Distance on Officials/Schools Invoices.  When this is checked, you must manually ensure that any game fee entered as zero is what you intend
  • Location for team details
    • When details of the participating teams are to be used to calculate the game fee, the invoice generation process normally requires the home team to be entered. To allow the "Location" to be used in absence of a home team, select Allow Location For School/Team Details. The home team will still be used when present.
  • Use the Payor for the team details.
    • You can specify that when a team detail is to be used, it should be taken from the Payor and not the home team.

Other Invoice Options

  • Invoices can be browsed numerically or alphabetically. Select Sort Invoices By Invoice Number to browse invoices in numeric order. This affects invoice summary tables and the next/previous buttons used to move from one invoice to the next.
  • When viewing the School Invoice Master (a view of the official's invoice items organized by school), you can show or hide the "Comments." By default, the comments are included. To not show the comments, select Hide Comments on School Invoice Master.
  • By default, the officials assigned to a game are not show on the invoice. To always show all officials assigned to a game, select Show Crew Names On Invoice.
  • Invoices can be email to the respective parties. By default, the invoice is included in the body of the email. To instead include the invoice as an attachment on the email, select Email Invoice as Attachment.
  • For school/team invoices, you can specify who the school/team should remit their payment to by choosing an official under Remit Payment To.

Quickbooks Options

Reftown supports the exporting of financial information to Quickbooks. In this section, you will define how the data is to be exported.

  1. Select the detail level of the data to be exported under QuickBooks/Excel Export Type. There are six options, ranging from exporting only the net amount to be paid to each official/from each school all the way to exporting all amounts for each and every game, along with all adjustments.
  2. If you want the actual game details (type, level, etc.) to be exported in the comment/memo field for Quickbooks, select Include Game Details
  3. Enter the name of the QuickBooks account to where the RefTown data will be imported.
    • Note that this must be an account of type "Accounts Payable" for officials invoices and "Accounts Receivable" for schools/teams invoices. It will not work with any other account types.
  4. Enter the name of the sub-account/category in which to enter the details of the data imported into QuickBooks.
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