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How can I completely delete one or more games and all related assignments?

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Last updated: 28 Dec, 2022
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To completely delete one or more games:

  1. You'll need to enter a special mode that is normally hidden to keep you from accidentally using functions that may have unintended consequences.
    1. Under the "Account" Menu, select Advanced Options...
    2. On the page that loads, click on "Enable" for "Advanced Game & Invoice Functions".
  2. Go to the games page and use the filter to search for all your older games
    1. Select an appropriate date range
    2. Select "Include Canceled" if needed
    3. Optionally increase the number of games to list on one page
  3. Click the check boxes of the ones you want to delete
  4. Click  (at the right end of the action buttons)

All of the selected games will be fully and permanently deleted. (Note, this affects only live database entries...archives are unaffected). You will NOT have to option to restore games deleted in this manner.

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