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How is the rating for a game determined?

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Last updated: 06 Nov, 2017
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By enabling this feature, assigning your officials a rating, and setting up rating values for the various game attributes (level, type, league, etc), you can develop a list of officials to select from whose skill levels approximately match the games.

The rating for a game can be determined in one of two ways:

  1. An assignor can explicitly specify a rating for each and every game when entering/editing the game
  2. The rating for a game can be calculated from a recipe based on the following criteria:
    • Sport
    • Payor/Home School League
    • Payor/Home School Level
    • Game League
    • Game Level
    • Game Type
    • Crew Type

These various attributes can be configured to adjust the required rating by a different value for each of the various options. For example, you might set a varsity game to have a rating of 20 points, a JV game to 10, freshman to 5, and the rest to 0. You might then assign League A to 20 points, League B to 10, and all other leagues to 0. Then, you could put a rating on the crewtypes such that 1-person crews are a 10 and 2 person crews are a 0. You could set men's games to 15 and boys games to 5. The effect of this is that for a given game, each of the values are added together to get a rating for each game. The values to be used for each attribute can be set under the configuration pages for the various lists.

The maximum rating is 100—any calculated value that exceeds 100 will be changed to 100. The minimum is 0.

The final rating required for a specific assignment is based on the specified or calculated game rating plus an offset for the specific duty being assigned (if entered) in combination with an allowed range above/below the game rating.

Then, based on the officials' rating and the size of the allowable range above/below the game rating, you'll get a list of officials who are capable of working the assignment. This list will be used in manual assignment mode to reduce the default list of selectable officials and will be use in auto-assign mode to generate a list of officials that can be selected.

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