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What is the difference between a Ballot and a Signup and an Exam/Quiz?
They are the same in nearly every way. The ballot is a "secret" ballot system. No one has...
16 Nov, 2010 Views: 2088
How do the instant run-off elections work?
The instant runoff voting tabulates votes based on the principle that any vote cast for a...
22 Jun, 2010 Views: 1997
How does the ballot/voting/quiz system work?
· The Reftown Ballot/Signup system provides a secure, independent method of collecting votes for...
28 Feb, 2017 Views: 2458
How do I export or import questions to an exam, ballot, or signup?
The import and export functions can be used in a few ways. Most commonly, they can be used to...
28 Mar, 2021 Views: 1124

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