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folder Reading the games page
What are the items on the games page and what do they mean?
folder Finding and viewing games/matches
Getting to your games/matches and how the game/match page works.
folder Accepting, Declining, or Approving games and assignments
How does the communication of games and assignemnt information work?
folder Availability Calendar and Scratching Schools
Describes how to use the availability calendar to block out dates and times that and official is unavailable.

Game/Match Functions
How can I transfer Games, Meetings, or Events to my personal calendaring program such as Outlook, Google Calendar, or other calendaring application?
Below are the instructions for transferring games, meetings, or events from RefTown to your...
05 Aug, 2022 Views: 3111
How is driving distance calculated?
Driving distance is an approximation based on the address or zip code of the game site and the...
02 Nov, 2018 Views: 2664
How do I unscubscribe from a RefTown Calendar Feed?
To unsubscribe from Google Calendar: When you are in Google Calendar look on the left hand...
17 Nov, 2021 Views: 835

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