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Logging In and setting up your account
How do I get a username or a password?
To get a username and password, your administrator must have entered your account with an email...
16 Apr, 2013 Views: 6926
How do I log in?
There are two ways to log in: (Recommended) Go to login page first: Go to...
16 Apr, 2013 Views: 3630
How do I change my username?
Log in Click on your name in the red box on the RefTown menu bar. Click on "Profile..." Click...
02 Nov, 2018 Views: 4163
How do I change my password?
Log in Click on your name in the red box on the RefTown menu bar Click on "Profile..." Click...
02 Nov, 2018 Views: 2745
Does my username have to be my email address?
No, by default your email address is chosen as your username. However, you can modify your...
21 Jun, 2010 Views: 3967
What roster information can an official or school update themselves?
·      Officials or schools/teams can update their contact...
03 Nov, 2010 Views: 2315
What can I use for my username and password?
Your username can be just about anything you like. By default, it is set to your email address,...
03 Nov, 2010 Views: 2716
RefTown says my account is locked when I try to login.
This happens when there are too many attempts to log into your account with an incorrect password....
03 Nov, 2010 Views: 3165
Moving between linked accounts.
Accounts are connected through email addresses. You can have access to all of your accounts with a...
26 Apr, 2018 Views: 2178
IMPORTANT NOTE for Yahoo Users
If you have a Yahoo email address, you will likely have difficulty in receiving emails from...
13 May, 2020 Views: 3381
Login Options: Remember Me & Keep Me Logged In
"Keep me Logged In": When returning to the site after being away, the "Keep me Logged In"...
11 Jan, 2017 Views: 0

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