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Terms & Conditions #1
  1. Membership in the Chapter does not guarantee any varsity game assignments.
  2. If selected to officiate a tournament, I must be available to officiate the entire tournament not just a particular game or session.
  3. I am responsible for designating my date, game, team, location and personal restrictions. (CODE OF ETHIC ENFORCED).
  4. If I do not designate any restrictions, I will officiate games outside my restrictions or pay any applicable fee per the Houston Chapter By- Laws.
  5. I will inform the Chapter Secretary of any changes in my restrictions as they occur.
  6. The Chapter does not provide liability or medical insurance coverage for incidents or occurrences arising out of my officiating assignments for the Chapter, and that if I desire coverage, I must obtain it on my own.
  7. In accepting game assignments from the Chapter, I am acting as an independent contractor.
  8. All game assignments I receive from the Chapter are subject to revocation or cancellation in the event I cease to be a member in good standing as defined in the Chapter and Constitution.
  9. I will abide by the CODE OF ETHICS concerning assignments of games involving districts in which I have children, working relatives, or employment.
  10. I will file my game reports at the end of the season as required by the Chapter and promptly pay any game assignment fees.
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