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folder General Tips and Suggestions
Here, you will find tips for making your use of RefTown more efficient and effective.
folder Setup and Configuration
folder Association Maintenance
folder Game Entry
How to enter games into the system
folder Making Assignments
Matching officials up with games
folder Finances
folder Voting, Ballots, Quizzes, and Signups
folder Custom Content
RefTown allows each association to include custom content on each and every page.
folder Posting and Managing Documents
RefTown supports the posting of document files for downloading by officials, schools/teams, and/or the public.
folder FAQ
Answers to commonly asked questions

Administrator's Guide
Configuring Reftown for the TASO Ring + Portal Mileage System
There are several steps to getting this right, but it is a onetime configuration: Main Finance...
11 Jan, 2017 Views: 0

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