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SETUP: Organization Contacts

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Last updated: 16 Apr, 2013
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The contacts page provides access to some of your most commonly contacted people. RefTown provides a contact page that is accessible, in part, to the public, and more fully available to schools, teams, and officials.

For each person listed on the contacts page, you can specify a Title (e.g., Commissioner, Webmaster, Recruiter, etc.).

For each of these individuals, you can also specify exactly what pieces of contact information to list on the contact page. You can specify a different set of contact information to be revealed for the public than for officials, schools, and teams. For example, you could reveal only a single email address to the public, while revealing mailing addresses, phone numbers, and all email addresses to logged-in users.

To set up your contacts, go to "Public" -> "Contact," then:

  • To add a contact, click
  • To edit/modify a contact, check the box for the desired contact and click
  • To remove a person from the contacts page (but keep that person on the roster), check the box by the person’s name and click
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