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How do I find my past assignments?

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Last updated: 23 Mar, 2018
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There are a few ways—here are two:

  1. Click on the "Schedules" menu and then select "Games"
  2. Click on "QuickLinks"
  3. Click on "My Games"
  4. Click on a option corresponding to which of your games you wish to see.


  1. Click on the "Schedules" menu and then select "Games"
  2. Click on "Game Search"
  3. Change the date from "From Today" to "Between"
  4. Leave the first date blank
  5. Enter today's date for the second date
  6. Click Search


If you are looking for games from a prior season, your organization may have moved them to an archive. You may need to enter the archives as described in order to access past seasons.

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