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What are the differnet permissions groups that an official can be part of?

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Last updated: 13 Feb, 2017
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  • Association Admins have access to ALL site functions. An administrator is automatically part of all other groups. There is no need for an administrator to be given any other permissions.


Other than the Association Admin, the Assignor group has the most extensive permissions. This group can:

  • Manage all roster information for schools or officials
  • View and manage all game entries
  • View and manage all game assignments
  • View and modify all availability calendars
  • Manage the scratched schools list
  • Manage configuration settings related to games and assigning
  • Manage game requests from schools/teams
Assignor, Limited A limited assignor can
  • Enter games
  • Assign games they enter
  • Assign games where they are marked as the owner (by full assignor or administrator)
  • View all games
  • Manage Availability/Scratches

Ballot/Signup/Quiz Management

  • Configure and manage signups, quizzes, and ballots
  • Have access to the results of ballots that are closed but have not been published (if the ballot is not configured to automatically publish the results)
  • Can designate others to manage specific ballots/signups/quizes (view the results) once entered
Board/Committee Managment
  • Can edit the board and committee directory pagess

Document Manager

  • Add or remove documents from the Documents page.
Document Viewer
  • View documents that do not have permissions for all to see

Edit Officials Directory

  • Manage the normal officials directory with full edit privileges
  • Manage the pending registration list
Edit School/Team Directory
  • Manage the normal school/team directory with full edit privileges
  • Manage the pending registration list


  • Send email through the Email page on the site to preconfigured groups of officials and/or schools/teams

Evaluation Management

  • Have access to all schedules and assignments
  • Have access to a page that will generate a list of games that are cross-referenced between designated evaluators and all other officials
  • Designate other Evaluators


  • Are permitted to fill out evaluation forms identified as "Observer" evaluation forms


  • Manage items on the Meetings/Events page


  • Has view access to all games and assignments
  • Manage the creation of invoices for schools or officials
  • View all roster information (including phone numbers and addresses marked private)
Form Managment
  • Can configure interactive forms
  • Can view submitted forms


  • Manage contents of online forums (not interactive forums at this time, just announcement forums)

Manage Custom Text

  • Manage the areas for custom text at the top and bottom of each page


  • Manages roster photos

Read All Roster

  • View all roster information (including phone numbers and addresses marked private)

Registration Management

  • Have access to the list of registration forms submitted by individuals who are not logged into RefTown (a.k.a., Potential Members)
  • Are permitted to delete such submissions and are permitted to add the individuals to the main roster or update an existing official with the information submitted on the registration form

View Assignments

  •  View (but not modify) all game assignments
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