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What reports are available regarding officials availability?

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Last updated: 21 Jun, 2010
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Availability information is entered through "Schedules" -> "Availability"

You can enter availability in one of two ways:

  1. By day of the week
  2. By specific date

If both are entered, the specific date information is used.

To enter availability information by day of the week:

  1. On the General Availability area, click "Edit"
  2. For each day, enter your information
  3. Enter comments, if desired
  4. Click "Submit Changes"

To enter availability information for specific dates:

  1. Navigate to the desired month
  2. In the monthly calendar area, click "Edit"
  3. For each date, enter your information
  4. Enter comments, if desired
  5. Click "Submit Changes"

There are a three buttons at the top of the form that may assist you in filling out your availability. You can use them to designate all days/dates as available, not available, or clear the times. Use this if most of your availability is the same and then fill in the boxes that are different.

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