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How does and assignor notify or remind officials that they have assignments needing a response?

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Last updated: 21 Jun, 2010
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Notices are automatically sent when assignments are published.

Notices about changes to games are automatically sent when the change involves a game within the time frame configured by the association (defaults to 14 days).

To send additional notices:

  1. Go to "Schedules" -> "Game Management"
  2. Click on "List Officials with New/Changed Games"

It opens with a template email at the top and a list of every official who has a game or games to accept or acknowledge. You can sort that list by name, by email address, or by date of the first game that needs a response by clicking on the column title.

You can alter or add to the email template that is started, except for the very first part, which says:

As of Date/Time, you have Count new, changed, and/or canceled games posted on RefTown.

Once you have the email content to your liking, click “Send Notice.” This will send a customized email to each official who has games needing a response. It will tell officials how many they have and, unless you alter it, prompt them to log in and respond to them.

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