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How do I add documents or document categories/folders to RefTown?

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Last updated: 06 Nov, 2014
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Add new Documents:

  1. Go to "Other..." -> "Documents"
  2. Click ""
  3. In the page that opens, select the file to upload, using the "Browse..." button
  4. If you wish to rename the file, enter a new name
  5. Select a folder for the document
  6. Choose who will have access the document
  7. Click "Upload Now"


Add new Document Categories/Folders:

  1. Go to "Other..." -> "Documents"
  2. Click " "
  3. Enter a name for the new folder 
  4. Select a parent folder for the new folder
  5. Click "Update This Item"

Reference Uploaded Documents for use in Other Places

  1. Right mouse on the document of interest and left click the item that is similar to  "Copy link address" or "Copy Shortcut".
  2. Paste the copied address into the desired place.
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