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How does an administrator add or edit custom page content?

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Last updated: 06 Nov, 2014
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There are 3 regions on nearly every page where you can add your own freeform content:

  • The Header area will appear just below the Menu and Page Title and before the page's main content
  • The Footer area will appear just below the page's main content and before the time/date/copyright information
  • The Left area appears just below the Menu and Page Title and before the page's main content

To add fully customizable information to a page, click on the menu labeled "Custom" then "Customize this Page."

A page will open where you can select the area of the page to add to or and item to edit or delete.

 On the editing screen, you will be presented with a full featured editor that allows extensive page formatting: fonts, colors, tables, etc. You will have several options that control who can see the custom content and when it apears.

After editing the content, click "Update Custom Header" to save the changes. Hover your mouse over the  symbol for more info on each option.

Editing Tips:

To add a link to another page or document:

  1. Type the text that you wish to appear for the link.
  2. Highlight that text
  3. Click the button that looks like a chain link 
  4. Paste the address into the "Link URL" box
  5. Choose whether the link will open in the current window or in another window.
  6. Click "Insert"
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