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How do I find games that are available for self-assignment (or request) and claim (request) the assignment?

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Last updated: 03 Nov, 2010
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The two most common ways:

Home Page Link:

From the homepage, there will be a notices box indicating the presence of games that have been posted for self-assignment but have not yet been claimed. You can click on the link on the home page to go directly to the list of available games.

Games Page Search:

Go to the Games page under the Schedules menu and click on "QuickLinks" -> "Open Games."

When you see a game you'd like to take, click the "Claim" link by the position you wish to fill. The system will first verify that you do not already have a game on the same date. While it will NOT prevent you from taking multiple games on a single date, it will caution you about the possibility of conflicting assignments and will ask for confirmation.

When you confirm the claim, your name is put on the game, you are marked as accepting the game, and the game is no longer listed on the open games list as available (if all slots have been claimed).

If you then change your mind about the assignment, you must contact your assignor to have your name removed from the assignment.

Note that some organizations operate this function in "request" mode where you make a request for the assignment but the assignor has final say on who recieves the assignment.

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