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Linking games for assignment to same crew

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Last updated: 02 Nov, 2017
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Games in Reftown can be linked together so they will be treated as one assignment. Such a link is valid if the games are on the same date and at the same location (including gym/court/field). When games are linked, the times of all such games are considered when evaluating officials' availability. 

It is acceptable to link large number of games together in one action. The system will automatically split them up based on date/location.

Games that occur after midnight up to 2 AM will be considered as if they were on the previous date if they are linked to games after 6pm on that previous date. This is to allow linking of late night games in areas that play such schedules.

To link a set of games, click the checkboxes for all of the games to be linked. Then click 

To split a set of games that were previously linked, click the checkbox(es) of the game to be split out and click .

When assigning a set of linked games, the assignor will have the option of rotating the officials between positions for each game in the link set. The rotation can be in either direction, up or down as needed.

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