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Can schools see who is assigned to games?

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Last updated: 26 Apr, 2018
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Yes, depending on the options chosen by the organization.

By default, schools cannot see who is assigned to games/matches.

Organizations have the following options, however:

  1. Show All Assignments To All Schools/Teams
    • This allows all schools/teams to see all published assignment for any and every game/match.
  2. Show Assignments To Paying Schools/Teams
    • This allows schools/teams listed as the Payor to see the officials assigned to their games/matches
  3. Show Assigned Officials To Any School/Team on Game
    • This allows any participant in the game to see the officials’ names

Administrators can find these options under Association Configuration, "Games/Matches," then "School Options."

Also listed in
folder Users Guide -> Getting Started -> Common Items for ADs/Coaches

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