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Using the Game Search Form

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Last updated: 26 Apr, 2018
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On various game-related pages, you will find a fairly powerful search form. You can search/filter the various pages/reports based on nearly all game criteria: Date, Status, ID #, nature of the game, the participants of the game (by name or by categorizations), by administrative ownership, or by the text in the various comment fields.

When execution those searches, it is possible to select multiple items in each drop down list. However, to do so, you must first click the "Multi-Search" button at the top in order to enable that functionality. This is not on by default because it can put a large burden on some user's internet browsers, making the loading of the related pages very slow, even if they were not intending to use the search. If it works well on all of the systems you normally use, you can enabled it permanently under your profile options.

Also, when using the game search, you'll have the option of formatting the output (on some pages) in one of several formats.

Those formats include:

  • Simply Game lists
  • Calendar Grid formats with or without various game details or counts of games in various states. 
  • Grids of either officials, locations, or teams vs. Dates.

In most of the Grid-based formats, you have choose whether to include various game details.

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folder Users Guide -> Getting Started -> Common Items for ADs/Coaches

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