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Using Custom Invoice Item Categories

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Last updated: 08 Jan, 2014
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RefTown allows each non-game line item on an inovice to be categoriezed into any number of organization definable categories.Using such categories can allow an organization greater flexibility with managing finances. They can also be used to control what items are counted towards an official's 1099 income.

Categories are not needed for game line items on invoices....they are automatically included in a "game" category.

To create a cagegory...

  1. Go to Admin -> Configuration - Finances
  2. Click on "Invoice Categories".
  3. Click on 
  4. Enter a Category Title
  5. Enter an additional description if desired (not required)
  6. Select whether items in this category should be included in an officials 1099 income.
    • The same category can be used in either official or school/team invoiceing but this option will have no effect on a school/team invoice.

When adding a a custom invoice items, choose one of available categories. Custom invoice items without a specified category will automatically be included in a miscellaneous category.

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