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What happens when I add an official and how do they get their account log information?

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Last updated: 07 Dec, 2011
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 If you add officials (or school/team contacts) directly on the website roster and include a primary email address, the official (school/team contact) will automatically recieve two emails. One will be a RefTown welcome letter giving them an overview of the RefTown system. The second will include their username and a link through which they can establish a password..

If you import the officials through an Excel spreadsheet, the above notices are not automatically sent. The accounts are active, but the official will not be made aware of their account and will not be notified of their account credentials.

To notify them, you have a few options.

  1. You can send login credentials to all officials (school/team contacts), new or otherwise.
    • Look for a link at the bottom right of the roster page for sending login information to all active officials (school/team contacts)
  2. You can send login credentials indivudually from the roster.
    • Below each name on the roster will be a padlock icon. Click that icon at any time to send any official their login info. This will unlock their account if locked as well.
  3. You can search for send to new officials by using the find user function.
    • Go to Admin -> Find User.
    • Type in any part of a name/email you wish to search for.....leave all fields blank to search for all.
      • Form the list that is returned, you'll be able see who has logged in and the last time they did so, if at all.
      • The same padlock from option #2 is also here. Click it to send a person their login info.
      • If it shows "none" for their password or their username is blank, they've not yet initialized their account....and have never been notified.
      • If they already have an account with another organization using the same email address, they may already have a username and password but will still show as having never logged into your system. You can send them their login info to alert them to the fact that their account is now linked to your system.
      • Note that when an official has multiple email address, they only need to establish a username and password for one. You need not send login info for the additional email address if the person has login info for at least one.

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