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About archives, Creating Archives, Accessing Archived Information, and Deleting Archives

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Last updated: 26 Jan, 2018
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Archives contain a frozen snapshot of an organization's data allowing a user to view the organization's information as if it were the date the archive was made.

To access a previously created archive:

  1. Go to "Other..." -> "Site Archives"
  2. Click the "View" button for the archive you wish to access.
    • The archives are identified by when they were created.

 When you are in the "archive" mode, a few things happen:

  • A yellow box indicating the archive you are accessing will appear at the top of the page.
  • Changes are not saved any changes you attempt to make will be ignored
  • No emails will be sent from the system
  • You will retain all permission as you had in the live system whether you had those permissions at the time the archive was made or not.

To exit archive mode and return to viewing your current data:

  1. Click "Back to live" in the title area of the page


  1. Go to "Other Info" -> "Archives"
  2. Click "Return to live database"

To create an archive of your current data (administrators only):

  1. Go to "Other Info" -> "Archives"
  2. Click the symbol....and the archive is done.

To add a custom name to an existing archive (administrators only):

  1. Go to "Other Info" -> "Archives"
  2. Click the symbol.
  3. Enter a name (or change/delete an existing name).
  4. Click Update

To delete a previously created archive (administrators only):

  1. Go to "Other Info" -> "Archives"
  2. Click the symbol by the archive you want to delete


If you use RefTown's invoicing features AND plan to use RefTown's 1099 services, you must ensure that your settings of what should and should not be included in the 1099 amounts are correct prior to creating the archive.

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