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How does the ballot/voting/quiz system work?

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Last updated: 28 Feb, 2017
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· The Reftown Ballot/Signup system provides a secure, independent method of collecting votes for various purposes.

· The system remembers who has voted and when. It will not permit a revote by the same individual.

· The details of a submitted ballot are not available to anyone else in your organization.

  • All that is revealed is the number of votes cast for each question, the number of votes cast for each option, and, in the case of ranked-list ballots, ranking information.

· Once votes are cast, removing options is not permitted or supported—that would corrupt the votes already cast.

· A voter can confirm that the voter’s own ballot was received by returning to the ballot—the time and date of the submission will be displayed with a notice that the voter can not vote again.

· Like game assignments, ballots/signups remain invisible to the members until published.

· Ballots/signups open and close automatically based on the dates entered. Once a ballot/signup opens, changes are not permitted.The results are automatically tabulated online and the winners determined. The actual ballots are stored in the database but are not visible.

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