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How do I add/edit questions on a ballot/signup?

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Last updated: 28 Aug, 2016
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  1. Preview the ballot/signup/quiz
  2. Click Add/Edit a question
  3. Enter the question (e.g. Vote for President, On what day should XYZ have its meetings?, How many points are scored on a touchdown?)
  4. Select the type of answer expected:
    1. Yes/No
    2. Favor/Oppose
    3. True/False (only available on a quiz/exam)
    4. Multiple Choice  (only available on a quiz/exam)
    5. Officials - Select One/Many
      • This option allows you to provide a list of several candidates and allows the voter to select one or more candidates as configured in the next step.
      • All selections are equal.
      • This is often used for tournament voting, where each official picks at least some number and no more than another number of candidates
    6. Officials - Ranked List - Instant Runoff
      • In this one, the voter will rank the options from most preferred to least preferred.
      • This method is used when a majority vote is required to win an election.
      • The rankings are used to eliminate the least-preferred option and reallocate the votes for that option to the remaining option . This avoids the need for runoff elections when there is a plurality.
      • There are several websites that detail this form of voting.
    7. Officials Ranked List - Generic
      • The votes are cast as above.
      • A table of who received how many votes in each ranked position is provided for your own use.
      • The site provides one possible scoring of the rankings by assigning a number of points to each submissions....the higher the ranking, the more points....but you are free to use the provided raw data to tabulate the results in a different way.
    8. General - Select One/Many
      • Like #5, but use freeform text as the choices
    9. Number
      • The answer is expected to be a number
    10. Text - One line
      • Good for simple surveys or write-in votes
    11. Text - Multiple lines
      • Good for surveys
  5. If the vote type is a "One/Many" or a "Ranked List", enter a minimum number of selections and a maximum number of selections for the submission to be valid.
    • In the case of ranked lists, this will greatly simplify the ballot/signup form in addition to restricting the number that can be selected
  6. Check the "Allow Candidate Statement" box if you want to enable candidates to enter their own position statements
  7. Optionally, enter a detailed explanation and chose whether it will be displayed with the question, or if the explanation will be shown only if the voter clicks on the "Explanation" link on the ballot
  8. Click "Update This Item"


  • If you chose a question type that has a list of officials, click  by the target question to choose your list.
  • If you choose a question type that has general items, click  by the target question to enter your list
    • Note that you can cause options on general item questions to expire before the entire ballot/survey/signup/quiz closes.
    • This can be used for signups where various options become unavailable at different times...e.g., repay, pay-at-the-door, etc.
  • Options can not be modified after the opening time 


  • Sort your questions and/or options as desired using the up/down sort arrows
  • If it is an exam/quiz, edit the answer key from the main quiz listing
  • Publish when ready
  • Send Reminders periodically
    • None are sent automatically at this time
    • Only those who have not made a submission will be reminded.

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