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What profile and preference information can a user update?

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Last updated: 02 Nov, 2018
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Each user can maintain most of that user’s own profile information.

To do so (after login):

  1. Click on the Accounts Menu (the red box with your name in it) located near the right end of the menu bar.
  2. Click "Profile..."
  3. From that page, there are 4 basic areas you can edit:
    • My info
      • Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc.
        • An email notice is sent to the official(s) configured to receive roster update notices
      • Roster Photo (if enabled by your organization)
      • Social Security Number and/or TaxID
        • This is an input only field...the number is never shown here.
          • You can enter your SSN/TaxID only. You'll be asked to enter it twice. If both entries match, it will be updated
    • Account Access
      • Calendar subscriptions from external calendar applications
      • Username
      • Password
      • Delete Account
    • Assignment Options
      • Availability (takes you to the normal availability page, if enabled by your organization)
      • Availability Priority (decleares which of your organizations have priority in assigning)
      • Scratches (takes you to the normal scratched schools/teams page, if enabled by your organization)
      • Other Assignment preferences..
    • Website Preferences
      • Games View Preferences
      • Calendaring preferences: pregame and travel times, export format, etc.
      • Email Sending Preferences
      • Other preferences: to disable the fancy text editor if it doesn't work in your browser
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