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What delivery options are there in composing the email?

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Last updated: 22 Jun, 2010
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Under "More Send Options," the following options exist in selecting how an email is delivered:

  • You can specify an alternative Reply-To address
    • The email will still be delivered, indicating that you sent it, but when the recipient clicks "Reply," it will go to the specified recipient
  • You can enabled recipients to reply to all other recipients
    • Normally, emails are sent out one at a time to each recipient to prevent replies to the entire group. You can, on an email-by-email basis, override this function and allow replies to the entire list of recipients
  • You can include up to 4 attachments, which can, optionally, be saved to your Documents page.
  • The body of the email is composed using a word processor like interface that supports a wide variety of layout and formatting options. In fact, you can paste content from many other applications.
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