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SETUP: Interactive Forms

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Last updated: 25 Apr, 2017
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Types of Interactive Forms

RefTown supports several types of interactive forms:

  • Registration
  • Game Reports
  • Evaluation/Observation
  • Ejection/Incident Reports
  • plus a couple more miscellaneous forms

All form submissions are, by default, archived on RefTown. If desired, the archiving of the submissions can be disabled for each form if there is at least one designated email recipient.

Registration forms

  • There are 3 types of registration forms:
    • for officials
    • for schools/teams
    • for school/team personnel.
  • Preformatted
  • Supports the collection of some supplemental information, but only needs to be given a title to be enabled

Game Reports

  • Game reports are tied to specific games—game data is automatically included with the form
  • Game reports can be filled out by members of the crew or by designated evaluators/assignors/administrators 
  • The links for the game reports normally only appear on the game schedule after the game has taken place. There is an option to make the forms available prior to the game.

Evaluation/Observation Forms

  • There are 3 types of evaluation forms
    • by any other official
    • by assigned observers
    • by coaches/schools

Ejection Forms, Sportsmanship Form, & Payroll Error Form

  • Like the other forms, if you do not see a form you like, let us know.

NOTE: The email addresses for the recipients of forms are drawn from the current roster at the time of a form submission. There is never a need to change the form configuration unless you want a different person to receive the form.

Previewing Available Forms

We have a number of forms already created and available for your use. You can browse these forms to see if one meets your needs or comes close to what you need.

  1. Go to Other Info -> Interactive Forms
  2. At the bottom, select a form number under "Preview available forms"
  3. Step backwards/forwards throughout the available forms

If you see one you like, note its number to use in setting up your form. If you can't find one that fits your needs, let us know and we can make a new one. Let us know which one of the available forms is similar to what you need if there is such a form

Enabling an Interactive Form

  • Set up the basic form options
    1. Go to Other Info -> Interactive Forms
    2. Click the  symbol
    3. Pick a form category
    4. Pick a form number
      • not required for registration forms—they have the basic contact info as part of the form by default, but additional questions can be included by selecting a form number
    5. Give your form a title
    6. Choose who will be allowed to submit the form
    7. If it is a game report, open the game report section for more options.
    8. Optionally, enter a description/instructions that will appear at the top of the form
    9. Select who will have access to the form
    10. Select whether the subject officials (for game reports or evaluation forms) will receive a copy of the submission
    11. Optionally disable the archiving of the submitted forms (email delivery only if archive is disabled)
    12. Click Update
  • Additional Game Report Options:
    1. Some forms automatically expand to create the same question regarding each member of the crew. Select "Loop Through All Officials" to enable that feature. You can also have the expansion skip the person submitting the form if they are in the crew.
    2. You can select the target group of officials if the form has a dropdown list of officials to be selected from.
    3. Select who gets a copy of the form and how the copy is sent.
    4. You can make the form required by the crew chief and/or the entire crew. This will place a reminder on the home screen for an official who is missing a report.
    5. You can optionally show the official's gender, age, and state ID on the form.

  • Select who, if any, will receive an email copy of the submitted form
    1. Go to Other Info -> Interactive Forms
    2. Select the desired form's checkbox
    3. Click the  symbol
    4. Select the desired recipients (no limit on how many are selected)
    5. Click "Save Changes"
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