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SETUP: Crews - CrewTypes, Duties, and Crew Duties

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Last updated: 25 Jan, 2018
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The CrewTypes list on RefTown is where you list all the possible crewtypes your organization uses: 1-person, 2-person, 5-person, etc. You can also give your crews names that indicate a style of crew rather than just the number of people involved.

The Duties list is where you list all the possible crew duties utilized in your organization.

As part of this list, you can give each crewtype/duty a "Rating" (if the rating feature is enabled). This rating is a part of the equation used to calculate a game rating to be used in making assignments.

The orders established in these lists will be used in any dropdown lists throughout RefTown

The "Crew Duties" page is where to define the relationship between the "Crew Types" and the "Duties," By each crew, check each duty that is part of that crew.

To add a new crew type:

  1. Go to Admin -> Configuration
  2. Under CREWS, click on CrewTypes.
  3. Click the  and add a title for the new crew type and sort the order as you wish
  4. Go to Admin -> Configuration
  5. Click the  and add a title for the new duty and sort the order as you wish.
  6. Go to Admin -> Configuration
  7. Click on CREW, Crew Duties
  8. Click the checkboxes in the new crewtype for the duties that should be part of the new crewtype.
  9. Save the changes.
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