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How do I accept my assignments (officials)?

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Last updated: 16 Oct, 2016
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Click on "Unaccepted Games" on the home page listing of your upcoming games.

Alternately, you can go to "Schedules" -> "Games." If you're using the default settings, you'll get a list of your own games. If not, click on either Quick Links -> "My Games" -> "Unaccepted" (or Future).

Then do the following:

1.      By any game that says "Accept?," click the "Yes" button to take the assignment or click the "No" button to decline it. If you click "No", a "Reason" box will appear. Some organization will require that you enter something for the reason.

2.      By any game that says "Cancel OK?," click the "OK" button to indicate you are aware that you are no longer assigned to that game or that the game has been canceled.

3.      By any game that says "Postpone OK?," click the "OK" button to indicate that you are aware the game has been postponed and that, until future notice indicating otherwise, you will not be expected to fill the assignment.

4.      In the comments box (if enabled) you may provide comments regarding your responses. Some organization will require a response when an assignment is declined.

5.      Once you have responded to the games, click the "Submit Responses" button at the bottom.

You'll receive an email confirmation of your responses a short time after clicking "Submit".  If the feature is enabled, your assignor will receive a copy of the response by email.

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