How to add games...

To add games to the system:

  1. Go to the Schedules -> Games/Matches (or, if you are a coach/AD, Schedules -> Game/Match Request)
  2. Click
  3. On the page that opens, enter the game/match data (date, time, league, teams, etc.)
  4. Save the game/match by clicking "Update this Item" or (from many fields) pressing "Enter"

After saving the game, the add-game/match form will remain open for adding another game. It will be pre-filled with the data from the just saved game/match. You can then modify those items which are not the same as the prior entry and save again without needing to re-enter much of the same info. If you do not need to enter another game, you can simply close the "Close and Reload" to have the main listing show the saved information. Even if you do not click "Save and Reload" the information was already saved at the time of the Update.

For coaches/ADs...requested games/matches will only appear on the main schedule when the request is approved by an assignor.

Tips for game entry...

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