Printing 1099's

 In the event you need to print 1099's for one or more of your official, you have two options:

  1. Open a 1099 for a single official
    1. Note the officials SSN/TIN from the official's directory entry
    2. Go to Pay -> Officials 1099 Management
    3. Click on "View / Manage" for the relevant tax year
    4. For the official of interest, click on either the view  or download  button.
    5. Enter the officials SSN/TIN (no dashes, numbers only)
    6. Print using your browser or PDF viewer
  2. Open a file with all 1099s for all officials
    1. Go to Pay -> Officials 1099 Management
    2. Click on "View / Manage" for the relevant tax year
    3. If you do not have the password for the all-in-one file, click "Get Password for All-in-One File".
      • This will cause the system to send you an email with the password for the file
    4. Click on either the "View All in Browser" or "Download All"
    5. Enter the password obtained in step "C"
    6. Print all of the pages or specific pages using your computers print dialog to specify specific pages.
      • If you wish to print all of those that haven't confirmed receipt, there is a button labeled "Show Unconfirmed Page Print List" that will give you a list of page numbers that you can copy/paste into your print dialog in order to more easily print just those pages.

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Last updated: 24 Feb, 2022
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