Signup Auto-Invoicing

This feature allows you to create custom invoice items automatically based on the selections made as part of a signup/survey.

To use this feature...

  1. Create the signup where  the main configuration for the signup has:
    1. "Enabled Auto Invoicing" checked.
    2. If there is an existing batch that should be used to collect the new invoices, select that invoice. Otherwise choose New.
      • When a "New" is selected, the first person to place an order will cause a batch to be created. That batch will then be set as the target batch for all new signups. You can, at any time, return to the configuration to specify that future submissions should go to a different existing batch or yet another new batch. You can also designate whether to use the batch based only if it is not published and how to leave the batch if it was published prior to adding a new invoice.
    3. Optionally, choose an invoice category to group the items under.
  2. Next, add a question that has a set multiple choice options that will lead to an amount being added to an official's invoice.
    1. In the question setup:
      1. Enter how much that option should cost...enter the actual price, not a negative number. The system will convert the cost of the item to a deduction for the invoice (normally relative to how much the official should be paid for games worked).
      2. Optionally, enter how many are available.
        • This option will block additional signups for that item if the maximum is reached. This can be used without the invoicing functionality as well.

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Last updated: 26 Oct, 2021
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