Duplicating / Replicating a Set of Games

If it is necessary to duplicate a previous schedule to just changing the date and/or time:

  1. Click Schedule –> Games and do a game search for the dates you wish to duplicate.
  2. Export the schedule (Click Quick Links –> Import/Export –> Export to Excel (from current search)
    • This file will typically be saved in your "Downloads" folder. It will be named "games_" followed by some numbers. Those numbers are the year, month, day, hour, minute, and second that you performed the export.
  3. Edit the Excel spread sheet
    1. Blank the data under the column GameID (or delete the entire column...hiding is not enough)

WARNING: If you do not remove the GameID, the following import will not add a new game but will modify the game identified by that GameID to match what you now have in your spreadsheet.

  1. Remove the officials under the columns Official_1, Official_2, etc. if they contain names to avoid assigning those same officials to the new games.
    • Alternately, delete the Official columns
  2. Change the data under the column(s) Date and/or Time and any other columns as necessary.
  3. Save your changes.
    • Note: When saving, do a “Save As” to a different name and location if desired.
  4. Import the saved spread sheet to RefTown
    1. Click Schedule –> Games
    2. Click Quick Links –> Import/Export –> Import From Excel
    3. Choose the Excel file
    4. Make any changes to the import function options (normally not necessary when importing from a duplicated schedule)
    5. Click “Import Now”

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