How much does RefTown cost?

BASE SUBSCRIPTION COST (Prices Effective as of 12/1/2019):

 Use our Cost Calculator to compute your actual costs.

Note: All current website features and functions, except for direct deposit and 1099 services, are included in base price.

DIRECT DEPOSIT COST (Prices Effective as of 11/1/2016):

$50 per year, in addition to the base subscription costs

Wire Funding: $0.65 per transaction  (***You will incur a fee from your bank to send the wire)

ACH Funding: $0.90 per transaction (***May not  be available to all organizations)

Returned Deposit Fee: $5 (waived at this time)

Batch Edit Fee: $25 (if a submission needs to be modified or deleted after sending to the processor)


+$1 per official over the base subscription rate regardless of how many will receive a 1099

Minimum: $50

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